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Excited to share with you all my new Pastel Art Studio website which features my photorealism Pastel artwork and Photoshop art design on a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, iPhone cases, bags,  and much more! 

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Pastel Pencil Pet Portraits

24 x 30 cm Head & Shoulders Price: £220 | $300

30 X 40 cm Full Body Price: £300 | $410

Character & Celebrity Commission Art

24 x 30 cm Head & Shoulders Price: £240 | $320

30 x 40 cm Full body Price: £320 | $430

People Pastel Art Portraits

24 x 30 cm Head & Shoulders Price: £220 | $300

30 x 30 cm Family/Friends Full Body Price: £330 $445



Realistic Pastel Pencil Drawings created using Pastelmat paper and Stablio: CarbOthello Pastel Pencils and Facer Castell Pastel Pencils. They come in two size options: 24cm X 30cm or 30cm X 40cm.  


Rachel specialises in creating and revamping affordable (WIX & WordPress) websites for independent films, actors, small businesses and non-profit organisations. Two type of packages available.

Image by KOBU Agency